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  • Neural Micro-probe

    Micro-probe Array

  • Wireless Communication

    Millimeter Wave Communication Module

  • Vascular Imaging

    Vascular Imaging Device

  • Implant Device


  • Micro-probe Array

    The maximum number of channels is 65536

    Micro-probe length (customizable): 3000/5500 μm

    Simultaneously Acquisition and Stimulation

    Programmable Stimulation Channels

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  • Millimeter Wave Communication Module

    Maximum communication speed of 6.25 Gbps

    No need for built-in batteries, wireless power supply

    Physical dimensions of Φ30mm*H14.25mm

    Features: highest wireless communication speed within the Industry, compact antenna size

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  • Vascular Imaging Device

    10 mm maximum imaging depth

    0.5mm Minimum distinguishable blood vessel diameter

    760-940 nm light source wavelength range

    34.2*26.1° field of view

    100mm Minimum imaging distance

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  • Pneumatic

    3~5mm Cylinder Stroke

    0.5~15mm Fine Adjustment Mechanism Stroke

    Suitable for Micro-probes Array

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Surgical Robot

The surgical robot features an advanced multi-spetral and multi-sensor fusion navigation system, utilizing medical imag...

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65000-Channel Bidirectional Brain Computer Interface

65000-channel bidirectional brain computer interface,World’s first 65000-channel bidirectional electrode array. It is...

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About Us

Wuhan Neuracom Technology Development Co., LTD is located in Wuhan East Lake New Technology Zone. The company's main product is the 65,000-channel bidirectional micro-probe array, implantation systems, and software/hardware platforms for electroencephalography signal acquisition, storage, and analysis. We expertise in various fields including microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) integrated circuit design/packaging, structural design, optics, electronics, communication, system integration, artificial intelligence, and brain-machine algorithms. We have established a comprehensive research system covering core chip development to overall brain-machine interface systems. Our research and production are closely integrated, enabling seamless collaboration. We have developed multiple brain-machine interface products with independent intellectual property rights and have applied for more than 180 domestic and foreign patents.

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