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Neural Signal Acquisition, Analysis, and Control Software

The upper computer software integrates neural modulation and data acquisition and analysis functions, providing efficient processing solutions for big data and continuous data. The software offers a user-friendly interface and precise data analysis capabilities, saving researchers a significant amount of data analysis time.
Data Collection and Analysis

The upper computer software supports data collection and analysis functions, enabling real-time recording of Neural signals from all channels. It provides a visual and interactive interface, supports online or offline data analysis, and can display data from as many as 64 channels on a single page. It allows easy switching between channels to view data within various time ranges. The software can also display waveform plots under different algorithm processing, including raw, LFP, or SPIKE waveforms, among others.

Neural Modulation

The upper computer software features neural modulation control capabilities, allowing adjustment of micro-probe parameters to regulate the stimulation current magnitude, direction, pulse width, and frequency for each contact point on the microelectrode.